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What is Happiness Meter Assessment

Taadiib keeps happiness and emotional well-being of students at its core. With challenges of changing world around us, we are using our focus on mental well-being as an approach to raise and sustain happiness levels in schools. The Happiness Meter Assessment provides a quantification to measuring the impact on our affiliates. We hope to discover students’ needs and to inspire positive change in their lives. Teachers can use our data to build awareness and encourage self-reflection in their classrooms. the school management can see measurable return on their investment in training and development of their staff. To help us achieve our goals, we need your help. You can do your part by filling the questionnaire below. Together we can create a happy, positive learning experience for all and make schools a safe and a happy place.

Do Your Part

Thank you for participating in our happiness meter assessment. This is a research tool.

Be honest and think before you choose an option. It is better if you are NOT accompanies by anyone while answering.  Your data is safe with us.


We will never share your answers with anyone without your consent.


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How do you feel about your current life as a whole?
How satisfied are you with your current life as a whole?
Having a good relationship with one or more parent
Thinking about school grades
Helping others
Meeting people whose interests are similar to mine
Feeling satisfied with my body shape and size
Being satisfied with my physical appearance
Performing well in school
Having one or more close friends
Having lesser worries/problems compared to others
Having pleasant childhood memories
Being a good friend to others
Going out of my home/school to play or Spending time outdoors
Enjoying life
Maintaining my health
Feelings romantic closeness with someone
Visiting new places
Teaching others new skills
Spending time with one or more close friends
Having/Managing/Spending my money
Accepting my limitations and weaknesses
Earning an Income
Expressing opinions in group discussions
Believing in God (of my religion)
Caring for children
Spending time with children
Solving work or school-related problems
Having my own political beliefs
Visiting my immediate family
Making my own decisions
Listening to music
Building or creating something
Learning new things
Having a good relationship with teachers
Having extra spending money
Learning about myself
Solving problems
Receiving emotional support from my immediate family
Reading books for pleasure
Writing, related to school and/or other areas
Having a happy home
Being sensitive toward others needs
Being considered generous as a person
Feeling good emotionally
Feeling good physically
Thinking/talking about attaraction to opposite gender
Being able to eat the food of my choice
Making time to think about the way my life is going overall
Obtaining knowledge by discussions
My Self-Esteem and Overall Confidence

Thank you for honestly replying to all the questions.

Your information will never be shared with your parent/gaurdian, teacher or any other person(s) without your consent.


Taadiib uses research and survey results in providing consulting services, lectures, publications and workshops.

Important disclaimer: Taadiib makes no claim for the validity of any suggested interpretation as a result of this survey. If you have reservation about the interpretations that you might find objectionable, please do not proceed further.

You can contact our research team (using contact form) for answers to questions regarding our research and your rights.


By completing this survey you are agreeing to our organisation policy. 


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